Monday, November 29, 2010

*Warning* A Rant

You know one of the things that really annoys me is when people make huge over arching generalizations about groups of people.
Especially about those of the opposite gender.

For example:

Women: "All men are jerks, liars and *explicative*"

Men: "All women are moody, backstabbing and dumb"

Excuse me? Ladies and gentleman. Are we still in kindergarten? I'm sorry but the whole "boys are better than girls" and "girls are better than boys" has been old to me since I was 6. I remember telling girls, "Girls are better than boys at somethings and boys are better than girls at somethings."

None of the girls liked that very much.

Seriously though--I see and hear alot of the young men and women my age still carrying on this ridiculousness and it's just one of my pet peeves.

Can men be jerks? Yes. Can they lie? Yes.
News flash ladies! So can we. And honestly there are douche bag guys out there who are retarded and are only concerned about themselves. But honestly--going to a club and trying to find a boyfriend there...probablyyy isn't the best place to look.

Can women be moody? Yes. Can we be backstabbing? I'm sure Can we be dumb? Yes.
So can you honestly though. And not all women are ditzy, dumb, and klutzy. I don't think I am dumb or ditzy. I think I can carry on a intelligent conversations and not come across as an idiot. I will admit I am a klutz though lol

Here's the truth ladies and gentlemen.

We are all screw ups.

Yes--you heard me right ALLLLLL of us. Men and women.

We are all human and we will all hurt each other. We all are sinners.

As long as we live in the broken world--we will hurt other and we will be hurt by others.
It's because we need to be redeemed.

So let's stop focusing on how everyone else has problems and how everyone else is hurting people.
Lets focus on what we can do.

How can we bring joy to people? How can we show compassion and love to those around us?

Let's try that instead.

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