Saturday, June 18, 2011

I think I would be friends with Jason Gray...

I'm tired of the sound of my own voice
And I'm weary of adding to the noise
And I'm fearful of missing the point of it all

I remember the way it used to be
The way this love felt like the first day of spring
And I want this back more than anything in the world

It's as cold as winter in my veins
And I long to feel the summer rain
Can you take me back to where it all began?

Jesus I come, come to you again
Just like it was the first time
I came to you for new life
I need you now, as much as I did then
I need a new beginning
So Jesus I am coming
For the first time again

I'm jaded from all that I have seen
I'm bitter, but I don't want to be
I'm believing, can you help my unbelief?

Sometimes I think I know too much
But even then it's not enough
Can you take me back so I can move ahead?

Take me deep inside the grace that forgets
Instead of down the well worn path of my regrets
I'm older than I've ever been
Can you take me back and make me new again?

Cause I need you now, as much as I did then...

I love this song so much.

It puts words to the feelings that I have had so many times...

Cause I feel like the older I become--the more I should be able to figure this out.
The more I should be able to "fix" myself.

I forget so easily how the kingdom of God works.

Everything is backwards there...

The weaker are really stronger...
The poor are the rich...
When you embrace death is when you truly live...
When you hold on to everything is when you lose it all...
Only when you let go do you gain everything...
The longer I live--the more I will find I need God...

God help me. Take me deep into the love that forgets.

Cause--I need you as much as I did then...

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