Saturday, October 1, 2011


I am a really depressing writer most of the time aren't I?

Haha, I guess writing is my therapy when I am feeling especially crappy.

Some people drink, smoke, I write. lol

Sometimes I wish I could have a cute blog. Kinda like Lauren's--with cute stories about my life and about nursing. And just be overall adorable kinda like her :)

OR I wish I could have some super awesome blog like Brant Hansen with witty intellectual posts.

But alas. I am not them. (darn it)

I am Ming and I am stuck with my crazy rambling brain and ADD self. (I don't really have ADD I just lack focus sometimes lol)

I am also sick. Nursing a cold that has decided to make a home in my sinus with tea and Vitamin C. :)

This comes probably from getting my wisdom teeth pulled on Thursday--and then trying to work Friday--and not being able to because I threw up/almost passed out...whoops.

In other has been ok. Nothing exciting and for me this is good. I need a break.

I'm tired of getting my heart wrung out to be honest. lol

I know God's here with me though... If He wasn't I would be a mental nutcase. ;) Or maybe...I am already--it's debatable :)

Walking some of the stuff that springs up in my life is hard though... Or I guess knowing how to walk it out in the right way.? If that makes any sense.

I'm trying to just have faith though...God is for me and not against me. This is all for my good and His glory. My job is to love.
May that be the drum beat that I march to.

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