Friday, May 8, 2009


I know a girl who’s growing up too fast
She’s stuck between her future and her past
‘Cause she’s just a baby but the doctors say
She’s got a baby on the way

And now the devastation makes her start to cry
How could this be happening she wonders why
But they’re talking options like it’s just another day
And the choice is hers to make

There’s a life inside you
There’s a beating heart
There’s a child of wonder
Shining like a star
There’s a life inside you

I know a boy who’s all caught up
In his addictions and they’re tearing him up
And now he’s hearing voices telling him it’s time to let go
But if I could talk to that boy
I would die for him to know

We all arrive here in this place
Imperfect people in need of grace
But that’s why God sent His only Son to die
So that every broken heart could have a life inside
So, just open up your broken heart
Can you feel it …

So kids...How are you guys doing?

My life has been....interesting as of late. To say the least....

I finished my class this semester with a good average so I'm relieved about that--I'm taking a summer class that starts in just over a week so I'm not exactly jumping for joy about that. =P

6 weeks of no Frisbee on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Lol that sounds incredibly It's nothing what it use to be but it's fun sometimes lol Alright I'm going to shut up about it now.

Anyways. I have a way of getting myself into impossible situations...did you know this? Life will be moving merrily along and then all of a sudden I run into some brick wall of a situation.

I miss old friends. Badly. I ranted about it. lol
Lol Airband kids? We were really stupid sometimes--but it was so much fun. lol

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