Sunday, May 17, 2009

More of a Journal Entry...

I had a splendid day Saturday--it was a much needed day off from...everything.

I hung out with Lauren alllll day, and the guys for part--they had to leave early though. Between talking, eating, laughing, pool, goofing off, pool, talking, eating, taking walks through spider webs, picking wildflowers, laughing, and then finishing it off---- sitting on a deck facing a tall wood (I love woods) having good conversation; it was a very close to perfect day. It was lovely. I miss those people. Alot.


School starts Tuesday!!!!!!!! =D I'm so excited!

Haha, ok not really. At all actually.

But you gotta do what you gotta do. =)

Six weeks of almost 4 hour classes every Tuesday&Thursday doesn't exactly sound exactly...thrilling but it's ok. =)

This is my prayer.

Dear Father/God/Jesus,

I want to love you more. I want to know you more.
Do WHATEVER it takes to get my attention.
If I lose my job--it's just a job.
If I have to lose my family--it's just a family.
If I have to lose every single one of my friends--their just friends.
If I have to lose my boyfriend...he's just a boyfriend.

Even if you have to take my life--take my life.

It's just a life.

Show me how much more You are.
Show me how much more You are worth.

LoveYou Amen,


PS. Corny and sounds almost fake--but I do mean it...

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