Monday, March 11, 2013


 People always say, ‘I don’t know where the Lord is leading me.’ I always say, it don’t really make a whole lot of difference. The important thing is to be where he has led you to already
– Rich Mullins

My job is simply to be faithful with what is right in front of my face and trust in God's goodness and that He is leading me through the crazy chapters that are my life and that even when all I see is fog of confused aims and the broken shards of a life He's got it all under control.
So I submitted my American Lit paper just in the nick of time and I fell asleep this afternoon...((whoops))... I am therefore not sleepy at all and have words that are bumping and ideas that are bumping around my head and I need to wait for my laundry to I write because...I am horrible at it but I like it, so you all will just have to deal. lol
Three things.
  1. I am going to try to embrace and enjoy the journey that is life and not try and over analyze and figure everything out. (this is where my friends start laughing at me)
  2. I'm going to not worry about where God is leading me anymore and what is going to come next or what I need to do.
  3. I am going to be frustrated because tomorrow I am going to forget this and I am going to over analyze something that someone says then I am going to try and figure out the mystery that is life. And after that I'm going to spread out all my options that I have and start worrying about what I need to do next. (lol)
Why do I have such horrible short term memory when it comes to these sorts of things?
Just last week I was in a bit of a funk for the better part of the week all because I started worrying about stupid crap (that I know better than to worry about) then I get frustrated because I know better- but I still do it. I had a come to Jesus moment on Friday and scrambled out of the little ditch that I managed to dive bomb into. I reminded myself for the umpteenth time that I am loved just as I and not as I should be and that if people don't like me because of me--it is ok. God. is. enough. always. That I don't need to know everything and He can be trusted to handle my life---therefore I have nothing to be concerned about lol
And now I'm going to go crash, goodnight to all of you wonderful people.
The end.

I love blue.

“To know God is to be free of the incessant need to understand exactly what he is doing before you place confidence in him.”- Joni Eareckson Tada

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