Monday, January 8, 2007


I have been thinking about it lately, but last night was talking about it with a friend; Why is it that we care so much about what will be gone tomorrow, and hardly at all about things in eternity?
I worry so much about what people think about me or what I do. When the only thing that really matters is what God thinks about the things I do.
I obsesses over a stupid test, when there are people that are going to hell because they have never heard the gospel.
Why is it I have to fight my flesh so hard to be completely satisfied with Christ?
But maybe that's my problem, I'm fighting myself-with myself.
I can do nothing without God, but I still try! And I fail every time.

I'm finding everything I'll ever need
By giving up gaining everything
Falling for You for eternity
Right here at Your feet
Where I wanna be
I am Yours

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