Monday, January 8, 2007


I love dreaming but I'm being to think my dreams are to small.
I have been promised a eternity of bliss, paradise, but nooo I want a reputation on earth.
I'm promised a part of God's estate, but I want friends.
I've been promised a relationship with God as his daughter; but I want to be known as cool know.

It's like wanting a shack, when I have been promised a mansion. To get the the mansion I have to pass through a brief forest but it's really not that bad.
But I am absolutely sure I want that shack. I'm sure that if I just had that shack I would be satisfied and good for life.
Everyone around me thinks I'm crazy.
God himself comes down to earth and tries to get me to look above the trees and see the alabaster castle. Everyone holds their breath, if only I'd look above and ahead just a bit, surely I would see it! But no like a stubborn 2 year old I stomp my feet and turn my back on God and the mansion and point longingly at the smelly, horrendous, little shack.
God sighs and says "It's yours." I run and skip all the way there. My delight only lasts a second. I soon see if for what it really is. But even then do I get upset at myself? Pfft no.
I once again take it up with the maker of the universe, "You never told me it would be like this!" I scream at him. I still refuse to look up.
Till one day, I hear a cry. I see a vision of a man on a cross, and not one of the little crosses you make in Sunday school that have the cotton balls glued to them, but a real, rough, horrid cross. And a man is nailed there. Freaking NAILED? What the heck? How in the world did that happen?
As the vision fades, I see it, shining in the light it's magnificent. Far more beautiful than anything I have ever seen. I can't even breath. And a hear a voice whisper to my soul, see what I have planned for you. And see what it took to get you to look up.
To get there I have to leave my shack and everything in it. But with the castle in the corner of my eye everything looks decrepit.
To get there I must go through the forest, and there are time when I won't be able to see the mansion because the trees are to thick or because I am looking at the ground. But I'm still here for the journey.
I suddenly look at the forest in a different way, it's just a detour to get to my home.

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