Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Take it!

"Take My Life"
Here I am before You now
Like a child I'm reaching out
Here I am I'm giving all I can
Breaking my pride I feel I'm through
Shattered inside I run to You
And now I give it all to You

Take my life, Take my mind
take my soul take my will
I am yours now, and I give it all to You

Laying all down before my King
Offering all my everything
Laying all down before the one I serve
I can understand the reasons why
You came on this earth and died
And now I give it all to You

I can feel You on my shoulder
So I know that You are there
I can see You paint my picture
The beauty is all there
We all expect that trials, we even prepare for the unexpected.
But it's how we respond to the unexpected that God is worried about.
Do we fall in his arms and ask him to help us carry our trials or do we become bitter?
Do I really have faith and trust God enough to place my life, my entire life in His hands?
Am I looking at this as an opportunity or a hindrance?
Or would I rather go on living my "perfect" life, being lukewarm towards God?
The answer is probably, yes.
Which is why God doesn't let us chose our trials.
Thank you Lord for not letting me chose what I would want happen in my life.
God just take my life, do what ever you want with it,
Send me to Africa,
Keep me here,
Take my family,
Let me die young,
Let me die old,
Take my money,
Take my security,
Take my life,
Do whatever will bring glory to Your name, and help me fall more IN LOVE with YOU.
I love you.
Thank you for putting things back in the right perspective for me.

God is so good.
[lol if you know what happened the 23rd it makes more sense.]

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