Sunday, November 2, 2008

I believe...

I was a boy, just nine years old,
I heard the call and came.
They buried me beneath the water,
then I rose again.

Well, you know my dad was a preacher man.
I walked the aisle and I took his hand.
He said, “Son, just do the best you can, and say the words,
I believe he is the Christ, the Son of the living God.'”

Through the years I barely fell;
I mostly dove right in.
I drank so deep from the shallow well only to thirst again.
Well, I sang the hymns at the summer camp,
then I rocked and rolled with a lousy band
till I heard a song that took my hand and led me home.
And I believe he is the Christ, Son of the living God.

All I know is that I was blind but now I see
though I kick and scream,
Love is leading me.
And every step of the way his grace is making me;
with every breath I breathe, he is saving me.
And I believe.

So when my body’s weak and the day is long,
when I feel my faith is all but gone,
I’ll remember when I sing this song that I believe.
I believe he is the Christ, Son of the living God, my Lord, my Savior.
Oh, Hosanna, I believe.

-The Good Confession Andrew Peterson

Christ not only saved me, he’s continuing to save me. Every morning, his mercies are made new. I’m saved again. And again. My only plea now and always will be the same thing I confessed when I was nine and bawling into my dad’s hip: “I believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God, my Lord and my Savior.
-Andrew Peterson

I like this.

See I love my God.

He mercies are truly new every morning.

Sometimes it doesn't feel like that though, I know.
There have been times over the past....uhhhh year or so I've asked God if I am truly, really, honestly saved. Because it just seemed like the things I was struggling with were things that good little Christian girls shouldn't struggle with. It just seemed like I should have control of my life and feelings...and well I didn't. lol

Anywayssss! =P

Yesterday morning I was walking downstairs after an arduous night and I felt and looked like death warmed over, anyways I was walking through the kitchen and looked out the window, it was gorgeous out. Sun was filtering gently though the leaves of the huge oak trees in our backyard. My legs felt like they couldn't hold my weight and I leaned against the fridge as my eyes filmed over with this liquid substance.
"God, are you mercies truly new every morning?"
"Ok, I believe you."
Seriously that was my thoughts and conversation with God.
So when I listened to that song last night and read that quote this morning--it was rather fitting...rather completely fitting.
See even though it's been a rather long couple years, and even though I haven't done or said everything perfect, I know that God is working in my life. Even if I can't see it clearly.
I look through a cracked and broken lenses...
But that's ok, I don't have to see everything clearly. =)

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