Thursday, December 25, 2008

I'm totally hyper.

It's Christmas! (Even if it completely doesn't feel like it)

I love life. I really do. I'm totally not contented at this moment though, I want to do something crazy.

Stephen and I went to Mosaic tonight for the Christmas Eve service and it was one of those messages that for some reason got me totally psyched, hyper, and wanting to do something completely crazy.

"Have irresponsible trust in the faithfulness of God."

How many of us have irresponsible trust in God?


Anyways in the car on the way home I told Stephen that I wanted to do something crazy (which is always a scary thing for him to hear because usually then follows one of my tirades/tangents). This time was not an exception. I've decided I would love, absolutely love to be a missionary in India, China, Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan, ect. To live in a place where it is truly dangerous to be a Christian.

If I was to go to school ever to be a nurse it would be because I would know I could use it for missions. If I'm going to go to school simply because I make alot of money--because honestly...well you don't want to know what I honestly think. =P

Anyways I continued on my tangent and told him that one of my dreams would be to go to EBC (Eternity Bible College) and get a degree in Biblical Studies and become a missionary. For those of you who don't know EBC is in Southern California tucked away in a city called Simi Valley. And if you know me at all--then you should be able to guess who the founder is. =P

Heck if I wasn't a missionary in a foreign country then I vote we move to the inner city and evangelize and work there.

I think it's funny that the majority of American Christians have been called to live and evangelize to upper and middle class America.

Anyways I went on and on and on.

And we've decided I'm insane, crazy, and not at all normal--which a crazy person isn't normally. =P We also pondered how the two of us ended up liking each other and how we even work considering we're like completely different when it comes to that sort of thing....=P

Anyways this post makes no sense--maybe I'll post another time about my thoughts on this sort of subject. =P

Goodnight all and have a wonderful Christmas. =)

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