Monday, January 24, 2011


Today was not my day.

I had to take a CAP test at school so I can graduate. Basically it's a glorified SAT. Anyways, that was at eight am today--I had all these grand plans of getting up at seven eating breakfast--taking my time.

My mom got home last night and we talked till about two about how my dad's parents were doing what was going on ect. So I was exhausted when I went to bed and forgot to set my alarm. So I wake up this morning--and the first thought that floods my mind is "I feel way to good right now for it just to be seven am. Turn and the clock says 8:22. I freaked. Literally threw my clothes on kind of brushed my teeth--ran a brush through my hair grabbed a pencil, my school badge, and a calculator. Raced to my car jumped in and got to school by 8:35. Thankfully Mrs. Ferguson was amazing and let me take all of the test except for the writing part--which I now have to go in at 8 am on Thursday to take it. But it's ok.

I just hate being late to anything--much less a freaking test. *sigh*

So then afterwards I run home change into clothes I can go to the hospital in to pick up my patient assignment. Get there about twoish and proceed to write down patient meds, history, ect ect. One and a half hours later--I am finished and proceed to introduce myself to my patient--only to find that she is going home in the morning. Grrrrrrrrr! lol I then had to pick up another patient--do paperwork on him introduce myself--then race over to RCCC so that I am not late for my tutoring there.

It was so much fun.

But in all acuality it wasn't that bad. My life isn't bad at all--in fact it's great. I have nothing to complain about--most...the majority of people have it alot worse than I do.

Now I am going to bed and going to try and survive the rest of this week--then we can tackle the rest of this semester :)

Dear God, Help me.
Also Thank you for everythinggggg :)

I'll leave you this quote to think about...

“The place where God calls you is where your deep gladness meets the world’s deep hunger.” -Frederick Buechner

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