Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I am done with A&P lectures! I finished the last test this morning. Now, if I can just get a passing grade I'll be good...No, wait I'd be good without a passing grade cause God is that amazingly good--nonetheless though a passing grade would be nice. An A would be even nicer but yeah. =P

Please pray that I did ok though...

It's beautiful outside again today, and I'm heading to the office in a second because we are having a lunch or something.

Ok kids [and those adults over 18], I need a good book to read, preferably a story, a good biography would be fine as well though. The thicker and bigger the better, but it has to be interesting.

Oh ho! I found something to read, I need to go get it though...lol I'll talk to you all in sometime later.

[nonetheless if you guys have any good books that you know of, please let me know. =)]


Tyler said...

Since there are adults over 18, does that make you an adult under 18, or what?

Ming said...

Oh no, sorry Tyler, I'm still considered a kid. I just meant that anyone the age of 18 or older aren't kids, so I just wanted to let those adults [including yourself] know that I wasn't excluding you. =P