Monday, April 14, 2008

Two randomly cool things that happened at Passion

1. Ok, one of the two things I was praying for was answered that Saturday. =)
2. This is kind of silly and small, but for the last session of Passion I prayed going in, "Ok God, I'd like to get close seats since this is the last one. But...yet, I know this sounds silly but wherever you want us to sit...well have us sit there. If you want us wayyyy in the back then well have us sit way in the back." Ok, so Lauren and I go in and it was crazyyyy, people were literally like laying on seats. We were at the front of this line but when we got in there it was almost full on the floor. I was about ready to head up to the higher section when I decided to ask this group if they had two seats and they did. So we sat one row away from the front. I know I know it's silly but isn't God kind?

My Creator, Savior, and Rescuer is so kind. I'm almost done with Crazy Love. It's really really good.

I got a bunch of books at Passion [if you know anything about me you know I'm a book nerd. =P] as I was checking out the lady told me that it looked like I had a bunch of work to do. I'm sorry but reading books is not work to me. =P I was way to happy about getting them. lol

English today went well, we got out 2 hours early, it made me rejoice--even if it was a little cold out today.

You know, why is it so easy to lose sight of the things that really matter?

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