Monday, April 28, 2008

=) I love spring, I love warmth, I love rain.

Rain Down your love on us
Rain down your love
rain down your greatness
o and cover me
rain down your love on us
o rain down your love
rain down your peace

It's raining outside--hard.
It makes me happy. =)

Rain is amazingness. God made rain. I refuse to use Christianese in the this moment. I'm just thankful for rain and life in general. =)

My parents are back from the mountains. It's good to have them home, but gone is the silence that comes from not having two younger brother running around. =P

Frisbee yesterday was alot of fun.

Ok guys, this is kind of rediculous but I'm going to be honest here, I haven't been writing a ton because I...haha, I don't even know why, but partly because I think mundane details of my day will bore everyone, but you know what this is kind of like my journal so I'm just going to write like it [at least in part.] Right now, I can't exactly remember the small details of my weekend so you're fortunate. =P

Other news I'm almost almost done with this semester [I also have a tendency to use words twice.], and that makes me very happy. =)

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