Friday, October 3, 2008

I'm getting back in the swing of things...I think.

Life changes, life goes on, the world keeps spinning, and God really is good.

Even in the midst of drama.


Life indeed.

Honestly people who read this [if there are any =P]

Why are you reading this?

Anyways so yes...........hmmmmm....

Food is good.

Ok, whatever I'm just going to write now.

There's so much I can say...but yet I can say so little. It's kind of obnoxious...I can go off on tangents and rants quite easily though and it's something that I'm working on...slowly, but I am working on it. =)

This quote made me smile--

"Pride is one of those sins that sneaks around, trying to keep you unaware that it exists in the first place. One of its most subtle moves is to make you feel like life is serious - that you are serious - and that the things we do and think about are important business. That’s the trick: pride makes you think that you are very important, and should be taken seriously, when in reality you are a very tiny sinner redeemed by grace. Lighten up. The people who know God the best vigorously pursue Him, but can laugh as they run. And when people who know you and love you point out ways that you are silly, odd, and laughable, they are doing you a favor. They’re reminding you of how big the universe is, how small you are, and how good it is to have an oddball like you be saved by grace alone."

I'm an odd, very tiny sinner redeemed by grace. =)

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