Tuesday, October 28, 2008

There's been alot in my head as of late but I just can't seem to find the words to go along with the stuff that is stuck in my head. It is a very obnoxious thing.

At this moment in time though my head is clear and I am just relaxing in the wonderful green place that is my room. Listening to my parents watching Gladiator--which btw is an excellent movie, just for the record.

Wait...never mind my head is not a clear place. =P

"The joy doesn't come from the suffering the joy comes from knowing what's on the other side."

"See I think at the bottom end of all of this--the reason we don't want to suffer, the reason all of us struggle through sacrifice; is I don't think we honestly believe that on the otherside of death there is something better than what this world has to offer."
Todd Nighswonger

Do I really believe that there is something better than this life?

Ok grant it we can all gripe and moan about how awful life is at times but honestly, walk outside on a beautiful day when everything is going the way you would like it to. Walk outside take a big deep breath and then tell me if there is really something better out there for you.

Seriously tell me that. Don't just spout it off because you've been taught it your entire life. Don't tell me that with a voice that lacks a real passion, or even a voice that tries to conger up passion where there is none.

Deep, deep, deep down do you really think that on the otherside of death there is something far better than what this world has to offer?

Do you really?

Do I really?

Then why don't we live like it alot of times?

Why do we pour so much of yourselves and our resources into....now.?

I want that passion that is contagious.



What to do with life kids what to do with life....

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