Saturday, October 11, 2008


We (Camden, Stephen, and I) went to Hobby Town because Stephen has gotten Camden and Drew in to That's all I have I have to say about that place--I was the only girl in the entire store for most of the

The sky was amazinggg.

Then after that...while my boyfriend painted...

I took pictures

And more pictures


Then we made dinner and I am now home.

Salads are good.


Justin said...

ooh la la.

Oh and btw, wow.

Lauren said...

ok. so I just hit the "internet read for you button" oh my. I laughed so hard. Thanks for talking to me this evening, it needs to be longer next time :P Glad I could bring some excitement to your day.

Ming said...

Haha, nice Lauren.
Don't you love the guys voice? =P
Thanks for talking to me, I love talking to you andddd yes. wowow that made me laugh and thank you for the excitement. lol