Wednesday, August 10, 2011

fair or forgiveness.?

"Someone always pays a price when forgiveness happens. There is a price that has to be paid." -Brant Hansen

When someone makes a choice that hurts you in some way there is a cost that comes with it.

It is a price that must be paid.

And in the moment--you have a decision to make--do you make the person pay the price that their choice.

Do you make them pay for what they have done?

Maybe it would be cutting words that you could say that would make them hurt they way they deserve. Maybe it's a physical price that you think they should pay. Turning over and over in your head what they did to you and how horrible it was? you absorb the cost. Do you choose to pay the price for what they have done?

Swallow the words that would hurt? Pay the debt that they have earned? Choose to stop reliving what they did to you over and over again in your head? Deciding not to hold onto the anger?

That is what forgiveness is... it is paying the price of letting something go--that might even deserve to be held onto.

I know it's not fair. I know there is something that rises up in all of us with indignation when the thought of forgiving "that" one thing.

God's been teaching me much on this subject. And inside I have felt that feeling welling up inside of me indignant and upset because I would much rather at times let the other person pay the price for their own actions. That would be fair!

I am hurt already--it's not fair that I have to pay another price. It's just not.

But here are the facts people--this thing called's not fair.

Something are deserved...but...

Sometimes we all get things we don't deserve--good and bad.

And we should be glad for it. At least I am--I wouldn't like to get a speeding ticket every time that I went over the speed limit. lol

And the fact is that if God could forgive me--and pay the price that I was was suppose to pay-then you know what...

I am glad that life isn't fair.

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