Wednesday, August 10, 2011

silly people

Life is confusing. And I find the older I get the more confusing it becomes.

I come to find out-- that apparently even though I am not 5 anymore--there is still mentality in females that females are better and males think--well that males are better.

I have an announcement ladies and gentleman...

Men can be really stupid.


But guess what...

Women can be really stupid too.


Shocker I know.

Fact is that--people can just be stupid.

All humans at one point or another in their short lives--make some dumb decisions.

Grant it some more than others.

But we all do it.


God loves us all anyways.


You see all of the pieces

But I see a life I can mold

You see a bunch of blank pages

But I see potential untold

Before you give up

Before your heart breaks

Open your eyes to this picture of grace, and just...

Slow down, take a breath in this moment

Leave all the worries you're carrying

Be still in the midst of this madness

Let go of all that you fear

'Cause I've already set your heart free

So leave all the changing to me

You see the doubt and the questions

But I see the wrestling with faith

You see someone worth nothing

But I see someone I can save

Life is a long road

So hard to follow

You feel like you'll never win

Just trust in my love

And let me take care of the rest

So you can begin





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