Thursday, May 9, 2013

I have real problems...

You know when you read something and it makes you confront the ugliness that you hide? That was the latest article that Andrew Peterson wrote.

But perhaps the road of sanctification will be an easier one when we recognize in ourselves the sin of self-consciousness, the sin of reputation management, the sin of lying to ourselves. To live our lives with a pretense of self-sufficiency, strength, and have-it-togetherness is to diminish the visible work of God’s grace. One of your greatest blessings to the community around you may be your utter brokenness, it may be something about yourself that you loathe, but which Christ will use for his glory. When Jesus is Lord of our brokenness we are free to rejoice in the mighty work he has yet to do in us. We are free to enter the stage in the face of the devil’s accusation, “You’re not good enough.”
The Christian’s answer: “Exactly!”
And we dance."

Sometimes I wish I was as good of a person as I project myself to be then I remember the things that I shun in myself is what God used to draw me to myself and I remember that I can dance because now, well now I am free.

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