Saturday, May 25, 2013


Why do I give?
Why should we give?

The stories I heard on Monday are playing in my head tonight...

A boy who was burned so badly on his legs when he was only a year old that his calves and thighs fused together because of horrible contractures and he was unable to walk. His father for year would drag him out into a field hoping the hyenas would kill him because his father believed he was a useless burden-but every time his sister or mother were able to rescue him and bring him back inside. This went on for 10 years-until his mother heard a rumor about a hospital who would do the surgery for little to no cost for the family and she then brought this young man to CURE. At the age of 11 years old this boy was able to walk for the first time and was taught that he was loved and cherished beyond measure.

The story of a mother with a disabled child who has received 4 of the possibly 7 surgeries she needs, stated that she now sees and believes God cares about her because people who have never met her or her child are willing to help pay for her daughter to have the surgeries she needs. Behind the gifts of people who live thousands of miles away--she sees the hand of a loving God.

A young teenage girl being smothered to death by severe scoliosis, nearly bent it have, and given no hope by the hospitals in her country. She came to Cure and now just a few years later in her early twenties is a beautiful wife and mother.

Stories of the babies in Africa that are having surgery to treat their hydrocephalus and now are no longer considered a curse by the people in their village. Without Cure International the mothers are sometimes forced to take their baby to the river, drop them in, and walk away never looking back because it is believed that then they will rid the village of the "curse". 

This children are loved and cherished and beautiful beyond measure, but if we will not be the hands and feet and mobilize--how will they ever know? 

"You think the problem is too big for you, but really all the problem needs is you."

"If I allow myself to see the reality of poverty, starvation, and disability, I have to make a conscious choice: To do something or to ignore it."

I refuse to ignore it. Even if it hurts, even if it's hard--I will stare the darkness full in the face because I am not scared. And I will fight back.
I want more. More than this materialism, more than nice stuff, more joy, more unexplainable, more peace, more faith, more grace, more love...more life...more Jesus.

Why do I give?

I give because I want more.

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