Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I want more.
I want more than the American dream.
I want more from life.
Safety, security, and comfort?
Are these really the ultimate's in life?
Hedge your bets Ming. Save your money because you never know what will happen. You will never have enough. Always increase your standard of living. You have to keep up with the Jones. Come on don't look back-join the rat race. 

Live a nice quiet, safe, comfortable, and secure life--and then lay down quietly in a coffin and die.

Is this Christianity?

Creating a comfortable safe little bubble of security in the world...? Is this what Jesus was talking about? 

Is this all church can ever be? A nice little meeting that I go to on Sundays? Where I listen to a few songs and hear a sermon that only makes me feel empathy for a moment--but never moves my hands and feet? 

Is this it?

I want more.

I see such a dichotomy between what I have been taught my whole life that Christianity was about and how we live. How I live.

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