Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Don't begrudge that the best of times slip away and cannot be frozen. Do not try in vain clutch them in your fists attempting to hoard what you cannot keep. Instead lift your hands in praise that the moments are given in such an exorbitant way. Moment after moment. Grace, upon grace, upon grace.

The daily recurrence of it all...the sheer number of moments we get everyday makes it hard to remember and be grateful for the gift that each one is. I forget to open my hands and be grateful for it all.

...sunrise after sunrise, laugh after laugh, a million fireflies that twinkle, each breath that enters and escapes these worn lungs, my dear comrades, a billion blades of grass that wave like a laughing green sea, the mist that hangs around the trees like a wispy cloak just before sunrise, smiles that start in the soul, all the flavors of the wind, and the love that makes the world turn round. every. single. moment.

They are each a beautiful gift. Look forward, backwards, and all around you, look and see that all...all is grace.

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