Monday, July 8, 2013

The doubts and demons swirled a week ago; and their claws crept into my heart and mind. The questions bore down on my soul and I could not get out from under them. Music, books, writing nothing helped the despair that started wrapping it's life draining roots around my heart and the scales began to run with abandon over my eyes.

Sometime I bemoan and fight against the twisted road that life takes me along. I just want to get to the destination and the seemingly insignificant detours and the sharp turns that I come upon, at times frustrate me to no end. But maybe, maybe the journey is just as important as the destination.

Maybe that dream job you didn't get? The school you didn't get into? That person who walked away from you? The rut you seem to be stuck in, the turn coming up in your life that you can't see past, the pain that threatens to swallow you whole, the despair that wraps her roots around your heart, the loneliness that leaves your whole body aching, and the doubts that chase after you relentlessly...maybe it is all important. We just can't see it yet.

The road you are walking, may not be the one you would have chosen or even wanted--but maybe you're here for a reason. And you're there because your story needs to intersect with another person's story. On this side of heaven we will never see the glory and the how incredibly epic this story on earth is. We see through a glass that is so dark and broken and no matter how badly we want to we can't see past the curtain.

Maybe even the mistakes that we make are being redeemed even now and the broken is being made whole. Maybe there is a purpose in it all.

And maybe this is the best possible thing. Maybe it's better to be more than
innocent, but broken and then redeemed by love.

Maybe life and even death are awfully big adventures.

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