Sunday, July 7, 2013

Yesterday I was checking my favorite patient's blood pressure, I was perched on the edge of a chair talking and laughing with him. He suddenly caught me by the eye, his expression told me to listen closely and then he said, "Little woman, if you remember anything about me, remember me telling this to you. Never try to be anyone but yourself, trying to be someone else may seem like a safer option than taking the risk of being fully you, but in reality it's the surest way to fail. If people don't love you for being you then you don't need to worry about them. Love, friendship, and trust can't be bought only earned. So don't try and buy friends and make sure someone earns your love and trust before you hand it over." 

I looked him intently and told him I would remember. And then I thought to myself how does this little elderly gentleman knew me so well lol

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