Friday, July 5, 2013

Lady at the blood bank: So where you born in the States?
Me: No, Savannah, Georgia.
Lady: I was gonna say you got good English no accent or nothing! Your parents have to be from like China though.
Me: My Dad is from Hong Kong...
Lady: I be wanting to go there! I saw Karate Kid. There is some wall there. 
Me: The Great Wall? 
Lady: Yeah! You is really tall too! I've never seen no tall Chinese person. Those ladies that do my nails are always straining their neck to look up at me. Dang you're dropping some blood you bled fast
Me: Haha, well thats good, and yeah I don't fit the stereotype.

Lol, I love people.

Objective today: Go on an adventure, then find and capture beauty.
Objective: Accomplished.
(If you were on the back roads of Concord in the country and saw a silver Toyota Camry on the side of the road with a girl in an ankle length teal dress standing or crouching taking pictures. That would be me.)

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