Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Truth: No person or circumstance is responsible for my lack of satisfaction or misery. I am responsible for my choice to choose misery or joy. I can either sit in the rubble of life, cry and give up, or I can bend down and search for the beauty in the mess; seek roses in the densest thicket.

Even in the deepest valleys there are lilies hiding.

No, I don't do this perfectly. I probably post more often than a healthy person should, but it's all part of a grasping for me. A reaching for the beauty that I know is there but I have to bend down to see.

When life throw its curve balls and monkey wrenches stop the smooth turning of cogs-reach for it. Grace is there waiting to fall into open and empty hands. Joy comes running behind gratitude. So look up at the sky, peer down at the ground, and see the countless gifts we have been given.

This is what I think about while I sit in a booth at Chic-fil-a waiting for friends caught in traffic. These are the times that make me think I am not quite normal. Thankful my friends like me anyways. 

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