Monday, August 19, 2013

While grapping lunch with people, cleaning, and running errands...after reading the story in John 9 this morning this is what has been rolling around in my head:

Could it be that Jesus uses the mud in our lives to heal our blindness? Could the dirt in our lives be the very thing that in the end will make us see?

Because...maybe God loves us enough to let our hearts break if that is what it will take to heal us, maybe pain and suffering have a purpose, and maybe He will lean down squish mud and spit in our blind eyes in order that we will be able to finally see.

Maybe there is a redemption that is coming and I just can't see it because I only see this page and the ones that I have already flipped through. I cannot see the future and how the rest of this epic tale will play out.

Maybe it's actually true, this mad impossibility that no matter what is happening right now in this chapter life at the end it will be swept up into a good that is coming and when we all arrive home, maybe just maybe, there will be shrieks of joyful laughter as we see how the whole time He was working it all together for good.

So keep your ideas of a mindless universe where this whole grand world is simply here by chance and there is no reason for us to be here. Believe in a world born of gloop and I will believe in a world sung, woven, and spun. You have permission to call me a mindless baby because I believe in what you think to be only wistful fairy tale of a story, but just know my story in the end will beat your painting of chaos every time and for a mindless baby...that's kind of sad if you think about it. 

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