Wednesday, February 11, 2009


"Here's the danger, ever been around people that have like fakey love? fakey joy? fakey like happiness? You know what I'm talking about? You know the cosmetic smile--the frontal lobotomy Spirituality; that you know isn't real! "ah I'm so happy!!!11!" You know what it's done--it's added to the mythology that joy is a superficial human emotion."

"This is why by the way I think for so many of us--the only emotions that we actually believe are authentic are the ones that come out of our brokenness--because...Real despair is a more genuine profound human emotion than false hope. See real loneliness and isolation; the authenticity of that human experience is more profoundly authentic than superficial love."

"Joy has no hope--because as a human emotion, despair, our sense of being overwhelmed, depression, angst, nihilism; it is a more profound and more significant and more experienced human emotion And what happens is this language of love and hope and joy and hope and pleasure and enjoyment and forgiveness and peace--it feels as if it is the language of the superficial. But let me tell you something--hate is not a more profound emotion than love. It is just that hate is easy to get to than love. Love, is deeper more profound. Joy is not a superficial emotion, it's just that despair is an easier emotion for us to get to. Joy is a deeper more profound emotion--but you can't get there alone. Bitterness is not a more profound human experience than forgiveness. Forgiveness is a deeper more profound emotion than bitterness--but you can't really get there alone.
See these deepest most beautiful emotions--you can't get there without God. So when we try to go to an authentic place without God we find ourselves trapped in our darkest places. And when we compare those experiences to with the superficial of course it seems to be mundane and meaningless. But is it be possible that there is a life you are created to live with--joy and hope and forgiveness and mercy and compassion and love and yeah maybe even pleasure and enjoyment are the most authentic experiences."
Erwin McManus.

Love it.

And that's all I'm going to say right now.

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