Monday, February 9, 2009

The weather these last couple days has been absolutely gorgeousishness. Seriously.

Yesterday I went to CW for the first time in like...along time. Alise asked me to so yeah-- I missed the girls from the fours...although...they aren't four anymore. They are my buddies though. =) And I love hanging out with the J's. =)

And I played Frisbee--and there were masses of people.

It was like a complete old school day, except for a few...minor differences. Actually major ones--but whatever.

I missed Mosaic though--alot more than I thought I would.

If I were to say I'm not a reading person--but then I talk about books all the time and rave about how amazing they are--I wonder what that means. =P I'm sorry it's just my overactive head.

Just don't say say you're not something it's painfully obvious that you are. lol //sigh//

In other newssss

I took my first lecture test today -_-...

We'll see how that goes...

It's beautifulness. I'm going to go take a walk =)
and think
and it will just be like old times
when I was like...young. =P

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