Monday, February 9, 2009

My thoughts won't come out right *frown*

I love running and walking at night.
....After I go out and do it that is. Most of the time it's just a matter of "doing" it for me. Much of the time *coughmostcough* I lack the motivation to actually get out there and do it.

Also I hate my throat and lungs burning--so that doesn't really help encouraging me to get out there either.

But anyways I did go and do it tonight. It was in essence--incredible out.

I put my computer on standby-- put on athletic shorts, a tank top, socks, shoes, and slipped out the front door. As I stepped out the front door, cool clean beautiful fresh air wrapped itself around me in a inviting embrace. And I just ran

Until my lungs burned and my throat was dry [which sadly didn't take long at all]. I'm rediculously out of shape. But it felt good regardless.

After that I walked for another twenty minutes listening to music and periodically acting like a crazy person because I love God so much and he and I were in conversation.

While we were talking it occured to me.

The more we know and understand the more responsible we are, right? The more we learn about what God wants--the more responsible we are to live that right?

Have you ever thought of this? [I never had in this way]...

The more we understand and grasp God's love for us--the more He reveals it to us--the more responsible we are to show off His love to others.


Novel idea isn't it?

It was for me--the more I talk about love, the more I understand it; just means all the more responsible I am to love others.

It's so easy to talk--rhetoric is fairly easy to learn. Living...slightly more difficult.

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