Tuesday, May 22, 2007


So yesterday was fun =)
+ the weather was nice
+ the mountains were beautiful
+ I adore my little sister and we had a really good talk
+ my cousin is cool
- the 4 hour car ride
- not talking to Lauren very much at all...
+ I was able to use the time in the car to listen to 2 amazing sermons though that made me think. I like to think.

So I started out kinda bored....Yeah, you can laugh it's ok. =P

Then we got there....

I do like the view though...

wow ok...

We then decided to walk up the mountain.
(isn't that a cool looking road that just makes you want to walk on it? Or maybe it's just me. =P)

Yeah we stopped and took a picture on the way up.

And I adore the woods....adore. Doesn't that just pull you in? Make you want to run and jump over logs and find a creek and play hide and seek and...nvm or not. =P

We were almost there but Sarah wanted some pictures on the ground, so we took some on the ground =D

Then we go to the top and I lovedd the view....and the stillness...

And I decided Ying should be a model.

haha she's amazing.

Sarah and Ying =)

See what' I'm saying?

Sarah should be one too!

When we got back I saw the rays and I just had to take a picture...Doesn't it remind you of God? No matter how thick the clouds of trouble are in your life they can't stop Him 'cause He's that amazing.

Before we left Ying started picking daisies and looking adorable doing it. So I joined her, not in the looking adorable but in the gathering of flowers.

hmmm yes, thank you God for books, i-pods, cellphones, cameras and flowers. =)
Oh and people of course =D

I like how my ring is slipping...oh well that's ok =)
The End.

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Lauren said...

Ming, you make me laugh....yes Laugh, no not laugh haha, but laugh HAHAHA

I think you get the point...

Tell the world that Jesus lives
Tell the world that,
tell the world that
Tell the world that he died for them
Tell the world that he lives again