Friday, May 4, 2007


"Please pray for the Church of Christ in Turkey. Don't pray against persecution, pray for perseverance."
Story here.

Sometimes I don't think I pray for the right things. I tend to have the mentality of "Give me this." "Take this away." If I were being persecuted I think I would be like "AHHH *freaks out* God if you love me take this away, don't let me get hurt and on and on and on."
But the fact is as Christians we are going to be persecuted, no ifs ands or buts.
Even when it comes to small things we tend to ask God to take trials away, elevate our suffering, make our lives smooth again. But is this what we should be praying for? I mean as our Dad God does want to hear our heart, our hope, but also He wants us to when all is said and done to trust him completely.
Some of you know my life right now, some of you don't. The fact that I have been struggling with is that when people have told me that they'll pray for my family it usually consists of "I'm so sorry, I pray everything gets dropped; easily, quickly, and smoothly." I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with that. God, knows how much I would love it that would happen. Here is my heart and please don't think that I want my family to go through this, but if it's part of God's plan to stretch us, if this goes on for years then I'm going to love it too. I'm not going to waste it. Because in the end I'm not living for this world. *shakes head* I've got something sooo much better. =) I hope I get the honor of meeting those three guys when I get home....

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