Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm sorry.

Oh dear...dear me.

Kids--I'd forgotten it...

You know that love that I use to be obsessed with? It faded for a few months. Oh I hate to say that but for the sake of being completely honest--it's true. I knew something had changed but I wasn't willing to let things go in my life to bring whatever that something was back.

That pervasive, eternal, perfect love--I forgot it?

No wonder I haven't known what to talk about....

I'd let the passion that obsession for that love fall to the wayside while other things crowded in to take it's place.

I'm sorry guys. I'm sorry for getting distracted, I'm sorry for not loving God, and not actively loving those around me. I'm so sorry. I tripped, I stumbled and I'm so sorry.

I haven't been pursuing that marvelous light with reckless abandon.

Oh the things that God will use to humble us, huh?

How did I forget? How could I let that fall to the wayside?

No wonder I can't love people the right way...I don't love God enough...How did I miss this? It's always gone back to this hasn't it? Love I mean.

It's not that I love people to much, that's not the problem--the problem is that I don't love God enough.

You know last year I was so obsessed with love...and I wandered away...I'm so sorry.

The only reason I love Him is because He loved me first. I love Him because He loved me.

Pray for me please?

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