Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spring break and reading make me happy...=)

Yes, it's true. =)

Oh dear, my test in A&P this morning was brutal. *wince* Oh well. God's good right? Even if I fail a test? Yes, He is. But hopefully I didn't bomb it completely.

Life progresses as normal around here. Today I cleaned up around the house, did large amounts of dishes, read, and pondered the meaning of life (well maybe not the meaning of life but I did ponder. =P).

I'm adoring this weather we have had as of late too; clear (or sunny if you'd rather =P), warm (warm enough to wear shorts and a t-shirt--yet not to hot), with the smell of spring in the air is quite enough to make me very content with life in general. Couple that with fields of grass with the winds blowing and birds singing and you have enough to make me sublime. =P There's something amazing about spring. I love the other seasons and I would say that I love fall just as much as spring--but there's something about spring that I've always loved. There are aspects to ever season that I love and appreciate and I get quite excited whenever any of them roll around (I'm a dork, I know. =P) But there's some elusive quality about spring that just makes me happy. I love life and I don't know why I'm rambling on about this as if it matters. lol

In other news my i-pods being wacky and in light of the fact that Cornerstone and Shoreline just updated it makes me quite sad... But it's ok. =) A reason for everything. =P

My cousin is getting into tonight, she's staying for 10 days. It'll be fun. =)

Hmmmmm, my God is so, so, so good guys. =)

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