Wednesday, March 5, 2008

letting go?

I’ve been holding on
To things like dreams that never seem to die
And I’m not so strong to lay them down
And say my goodbyes
How do you say goodbye?

If there’s a remedy
A break from all my vanity
Then I’m gonna need your help
If there’s hope for me
Pull me down to my knees
Where I’m begging for your help
To let go

It’s so unnatural
To let all that I’ve planned just slip away
But I would be a fool
To tighten up my hands and be afraid
What I need is faith

I’m walking right up to the edge
I’m bringing everything that’s left of me
I throw myself into your love
You’ll be the one to lift me up again
As I let go
I'm walking to the edge.
And I'm bringing everything with me.
It's gonna take faith and trust.
Dear God help me.

So over the last few days I've written a ton...just none that I want to post here. =P

It's been a long past few days. Oh life. =P

Lol, you know when life is going the way I want it to it's easy for me to "rejoice" but I think I tend to rejoice more in my circumstances then. It's when things aren't going my way that I find it harder to have joy. But...when I have joy in those times it's not because I like the way things are going--it's because I do have faith in my amazing God. He won't fail me. =)

God does have a plan for my life. I am the way I am right now for a reason. Things that have happened in my life happened for a reason.

If I could alter any part of His plan, I could only spoil it. - John Newton

Do I believe that? Really? If God's plan didn't match up to what I wanted my life to look like--do I believe that even if I could alter it to my liking that it wouldn't be better in the end? I think I do--but I don't believe it enough.... I really need to just release my plans, dreams and desires into God's hands. I really need to stop holding on to them like my life depends on them. My life depends on me letting them go...Letting go gaining everything. Doesn't make sense does it? Yet it's true. Let it go, God never disappoints. =)

I was a silly 16 year old. lol =P

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