Monday, December 31, 2007

2008...almost. =P

Ladies and Gentlemen. 2008 is almost here. How scary is that? I turn 18 and can vote this year. Freakyyy =P

It's been a long year. I wouldn't change a thing though. Honest. As I site here thinking about all the stuff that has happened and gone on I honestly can say that I trust God. I trust He knows better than I do about what's good for me.

Now I'm not saying that everything that's come up has been "solved" or that I can see the end results of my current circumstances. All I'm saying is that in the midst of them, I have faith that God is good. There is nothing in my life that escapes His notice and there is nothing in my life that hasn't been sovereignly planned. There really is a reason for everything. A reason that my family runs late to alot of things [=P], a reason that my dad was arrested, a reason that I'm as strange as I am, a reason that I care to much, a reason that I read the last book I read, a reason that friendships have developed and grown, and there's a reason I'm sitting here at this very moment typing this. I really honestly believe this.

So that is the mindset that I have as I welcome in this new year.

I love you all really I do, I hope you all of a marvelous new years day, and an amazing year filled with love, faith, and joy. Because He loves us---really He does.

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