Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Ying gets braces today.
I'm happy. No reason really---I just am. Though it could have something to do with the amazingness of happy music and amazing sermons on light. lol It's kinda complicated. =P
This semester is almost done!!!! I don't know if I want to graduate at Church with everyone or not...I don't know.

I think to much.
Way to much.
It's annoying.
But I'll live. =P


Lauren said...

ming... i thought we already decided that on the phone....

ming i'm glad your happy 'cause i am too...
so happy i pulled out the onld hillsong...
that's right
"Jesus is my Savior, There will be no other...we will shout it out, We want the world to know!"

josh is coming home yahoooo!

Ming said...

lol, you decided Lauren-- I still am turning it over in my head. =P

I'm happy you're happy Lauren. lol