Wednesday, December 19, 2007

There's always something, isn't there?

[Edit: People are not pains. Especially not some. Just wanted to be perfectly clear about that. =P]

Oh life.

I know I've posted this quote before. But I needed to read it again.

"I want you to know that the Bible says to you. today. If you are being cut and pruned by your circumstances it's not 'cause He hates you. It's because he wants you to grow and in that area. So not only is it just random, because he's not capricious. "I want them to grow so I'll slice them here." No, it doesn't work that way, he says "I want to see this in their life, I want to see this in their heart, I want to see this grow out of them, so I'm going to cut them right here." Very specifically, very intentionally. So you guys have the ability right now if you believe in Christ, if you abide in the Vine, if that's true of you; you can look at any circumstance in your life and go, "You know what that's interesting cause if that's happening it means that God wants me to grow in that area and if He does it, He's going to finish the job." And you can count on that."
Brian Colmery

That's really, really, really comforting. My God is good... There is a reason behind everything that happens. Everything guys. God wants me to grow...hmmmmm

I guess it goes back to finding all my joy and giving everything I have to God. Because He deserves it and it's all about His glory.

Oh life.

Ok I'm going to stop being introspective and serious. 'Cause if I keep doing it --- I'll go mad. =P


I love the Mrs. George so much. And she's kind not to just assume things ; )

She's my favoritest Mrs. George ever.

And she's adorable. =)

And the puppies are cute too. =)


Lauren said...

Dear Ming,
Nice hoodie

Ming said...

Dear Lauren,
I'm glad you like it.