Sunday, December 23, 2007

Followed or Drawn?

The ability I have to follow God; is not predicated on my ability to follow Him.
The capacity I have to follow Him; is predicated on His ability to draw me.
I have no ability to come to God on my own. None. There is nothing in me that would choose God. Therefore the only explanation that makes sense is not that I was looking, not that I was following. The only thing that makes sense is I was drawn. Drawn by an deep, intoxicating, unfathomable Love [God].
It is only the Father's grace and love, that draws me into a relationship with the Son---which then leads back to a full relationship with the Father.
It's only through His grace that I have the opportunity to come. And it's only through His grace I have the ability to come.

Think about that. I mean really think about that.

Now, I'm going to go sing and worship and love --- because I'm loved. Truly I am.

He loves me.

He loved me before and He loves me after.

It makes me happy.

I'm debating whether or not I want to go with
instead of readitif-youwant.
I don't know it just sounds to like stuck on myself or something...
So yeah, I want to change it. =P

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