Thursday, December 6, 2007


I haven't just written about my life in a while...

1. Maybe it's cause I don't have one?
2. Maybe it's because even though I may have a life [sad though it very well may be], I know you guys really don't care about it.

Either way I haven't done it. So this is going to be a pointless post about what has been going on.
1. School.
2. Studying for school.
In between time reading, conversing, and thinking.

My government teacher showed up today dressed up as Santa. I'm scarred for life.

Don't I lead a thrilling life? =P

Anyways, it's crazy to think that it's already December. *audible gasp* Only 19 days till Christmas [I'm almost done Christmas shopping but some people *cough* *cough* need to tell me what they want.] and 26 days until we ring in the bright and shiny new year. 2008. Whoa.

PS. For those of you who think I'm in denial about some things [you know who you are. =P]
It's not denial. See below.


Justin said...

No Ming, you're in denial.

Stephen D. said...

hmmm. I haven't even started Christmas shopping yet... =/

I'm so ready for 08... 07 sucked. lol. Although, I'm not thinking 08 will be any better.

And you are in denial. At least if it's about what I think it is... but maybe not.

Stephen D. said...

Oh, and that thing is me being cool. You are in denial that it isn't true.

Ming said...

Justin, I'm not in denial.

Stephen that's ok most people haven't either. There's still time.

And I'm sorry 07 sucked for you =\

What do you think it is? Oh, nvm I see, no I'm not in denial. That's just lame. lol