Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Elaboration of sorts...

Since my State and Local class got out early and I don't have class until one I thought I might as well elaborate on my previous post.

I wasn't saying that God has taken things way or that He is even going to take any of it away. He very well may not. But it's just my willingness and faith if He was to take it away. Does that makes sense? [also I know at somepoint he will take something away, because I know I have a tendency to make idols out of things. So I'm not saying he never will because eventually I will lose something...but yeah now I'm just sorta going in circles so I'm going to stop. =P]

If God asked me to walk away from my possessions. Can I? If God said you need to leave everything that brings you comfort. Would I be able to go "Gone, done." because I love Him more than anything. He might never ask me to walk away from it all. But if He did, could I do it? I guess it's more of a hypothetical question.

And it really is funny how much stuff like that hurts just thinking about it. God hasn't even taken it away but yet just coming to the end of myself and just really sitting down and counting the cost hurts. My family, friends, material things, dreams and aspirations, are still "options" God hasn't said no to them at this time. Does that make sense? I still might be able to be a nurse, I still have good friends and family, ect..

But I know I have to be able to walk away from those things. I have to be able to say, "God you're so much more important than anything, my relationship with You is so much more important than anything else --- that I will gladly walk away from it all at the drop of the hat. I want to pursue you above all else and get to know You, because that is eternal life."

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