Saturday, June 16, 2012


I am not always positive kids. lol
I am not always thankful.

There are times that I wake up and darkness fills my soul and I feel like never getting out of bed.
There are times that I am having a good day and then it's like I hit a granite wall and back down the hill I go.

There are times that I scream at the heavens wanting answers.
And have pity parties for myself.
There are times that I just get incredibly tired and weary...

This is just me being honest.

There are times that I wish God would just give me what I want. Not what I need.
There are times that I wish I could just skip to the end of the story.
All the time I wish I didn't see through a glass darkly and could see the whole beautiful picture and not just the tiny piece that I am in.

Thankfully that is not how I always am--and thank GOD that they are getting fewer and farther between (until the next time God trims something from my life :P)

But in those moments when I feel life closing in around me and threatening to stifle every joy out of life.
I am learning that I must push through them.
Sitting in bed and feeling sorry for myself will never do me a lick of good :P

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