Monday, June 25, 2012

After All.

After All (Holy)
I can't comprehend your infinitely beautiful and perfect love
Oh I've dreamed dreams of majesty as brilliant as a billion stars
But they're never bright enough after all
You are Holy
Oh Holy
Holy, Holy, Holy
I will sing a song for you my God with everything I have in me
But it's never loud enough after all
Heaven and earth are full, full of your glory, glory
My soul it overflows full of your glory, your glory
Oh blessed is he who reigns, full of your glory, your glory
My cup, it can't contain all of your glory, your glory
Hosanna we are found after all you are
I can't comprehend
You're infinitely beautiful
I love the music at the beginning of that song.
I drove down the interstate tonight.
Windows down. Hair whipping in my face.
Under a beautiful raincloud filled sky
Singing this song at the top of my lungs.
As tears streamed down my freckled face.
And God whispered that He loved me and that he's got me.
As I probably blew my speakers out to be honest.
It was that loud.
And I'm sure the drivers in the cars next to me where wondering who the mental girl was next to them.
And the song is playing on repeat right now while I lay in bed typing lol
God knows exactly what I need and when I need it.
I needed that song today.
I wanted to listen to another one but got the CD's mixed up.
And I found that one.
I needed to start reading Sailing Between the Stars Saturday night.
Not the book I was looking for and couldn't find.
So I picked up that one.
God knew.
Without God at the center of the universe, without his smile on the edge of dawn, life would be avapor and mirage. But when he's present, all of life becomes drenched with possiblity; every moment become lined with purpose.
The idea that every moment, every life, every encounter could ultimately matter is the mostludicrous and necessary idea in the world. As soon as one life become expendable, all lives become expendable. As soon as one moment doesn't matter for eternity, the meaning of every moment is called into question. But if this moment is from God and for him, nothing is a means to an end. If everyone's destiny matters to Jesus, no one is a means to an end.
When I finally see that, a timelessness sweeps over me, borne of beauty and perspective. I realize, I am small, I am part of this world. I am a thread in a magnificent tapestry.
Life isn't simply a futile journey toward becoming fertilizer; it's a chance to dance toward eternity,hand in hand with the Poet of Time, while his stars, the glimmering jewelry of the night, wink at us from the sky.
Maybe someday I'll be able to look back and see the route up the mountain, it'll all make sense to myhead rather than simply to my heart. Until then I'm caught up in the thrilling romance of dancing with a rugged bridegroom toward the edge of eternity amidst the weird dreams, bad aim, and indecipherable miracles of life.
I read those parts over and over and over.
God knew that I needed this book in my life now.
I can't see right now.
I don't understand.
And that is ok.
Trust is what God wants from me.
And trust is what I am going to give.
While I stand on my tiptoes
Flinging my arms toward the heavens
And let everything that I've been holding onto fall from my hands.
He's got me kids.
He is never ever ever going to let me go.
And that ladies and gentleman is more than enough reason for me to smile.
God is big enough.
God is beautiful enough.
God is faithful enough.
God is good enough.
God is loving enough.
God is enough for me.
The end kids. The end.

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