Saturday, June 9, 2012

Writing is Cathartic for Me

Cathartic < yes I just used that correctly. lol
I feel so good.
Lol, I almost feel bad writing that. 
Like maybe I'm a horribly person that can feel this good after just a few weeks of being retardly depressed.

I spin around my room like a little kid listening to my favorite music.
I hang out with my friends.
I go running like my life depends on it.
I crawl into bed and talk for hours to my God.
I sit under the stars and enjoy the very fact that I am alive.
I enjoy hot showers.
And reading.
And books.
And playing my violin (badly) lol

God has a plan for my life.
This I know with every fiber of my being.
It's a truth that echos throughout every corner of my heart.
I don't know what it looks like right now.
And that's ok.
I don't have to know and it's ok.
I look to my past and I see how very faithful God has been to me.
And I know I can trust Him with my present.
And my future.
Because I know whatever He has for me-it will be GOOD.
And I can rest in that.

I can be the little kid that holds her Daddy's hand.
I don't have to know where we are going.
I am just enjoying walking together.

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