Monday, February 26, 2007


Psalms 4:37
Delight yourself in the
Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

You know when I was younger and first heard that verse it was like "YES!" "All I have to do is be happy with God and God will give me that net to go play in the creek with!!" And I think that maybe the mentality of alot of people, I could just be a very self-centered little girl, that could be it too.
So often I hear people throw that verse out as a promise for material things. But I was thinking about it *yes I like to think sue me =P*. Anyway so I was thinking and I came to the conclusion that if you are truly delighting in the Lord, then guess what your desires are going to be? You are going to desire to delight in Him even more, it's this wonderful vicious cycle! Delight in God, and He allows you to continue delighting in Him. hmmm sounds rather delightful doesn't it? ; )
You all have probably already thought about this though, I'm just slow like that =).

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Saved_And_Dead said...

Actually I hadn't thought of that before... A minute ago when I had just read the verse that is what came to my mind, and I thought it was funny that you had the exact same idea...

But yeah, it's similar to what you posted yesterday about worldliness. When we are truly desiring God, the temporary things of this world no longer appeal to us.