Wednesday, February 7, 2007


I learned something about prayer today.
I mean it's nothing new, but it helped me to look at it from a new perspective.
While in the Garden of Gethsemane Jesus asked His Father to remove the cup that was to be His.
He begged God so hard that he sweat blood.
Then He said, But let your will be done.
It was a perfect balance between asking and accepting.
To often I do one and not the other; I'll just ask God for something but not submit myself to Him completely, or on the flip side (and I fine myself doing this more often lately) I just say "God do whatever you want I don't care you know best just do it."
And I never really thought it was bad, but it is.
God is our Father.
He wants us to tell him our hearts desires; but then ultimately trust Him completely with our desires.

~New train of thought~

Also when He prayed it was so into it.
I mean it wasn't just a half hearted;
"Dear God, I'd like blahblahblah...*daydream* oh wait I was praying wasn't I."
Jesus was focusing all of His energy on it.
There's a term some prayers don't clear the ceiling.
You know how many of my prayer don't clear the ceiling because I'm not totally focused on God? Probably many of them.
When I talk to my friend I don't (well most of the time I don't) day dream.
I focus on them, what they are saying to me, and what I'm saying to them.
Why is it then when I talk to my Creator I can't seem to focus on just Him?
What He's saying to me and what I'm saying to Him?
My mind wanders to the test I have the next day.
The fact that my dad is being charged with something he never did.
The fact that my brothers can't seem to keep their toys out of my room.
Does anyone like me or are they just being nice?
Why can't I focus?
I have to pray to be able to focus on praying.
haha, that struck me as funny.

My God=Amazingness.

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