Thursday, July 3, 2008

I've thrown it all away that I might gain a life in You
I've found all else is loss compared to the joys of knowing You
Your beauty and Your majesty are far beyond compare
You've won my heart, now this will be my prayer

Justin Glacken thinks I am; creepy and weird.
You seriously have no idea. =P
I am crazy and not normal.
And that is incredibly comforting to me.
The best part about it--is this is really truly honestly me.
I'm not faking this.
I promise.
Guess what.
I'm feeling like myself--in every sense of the word.

Seriously though am I that wacked?


Justin said...

You're that wack. I still love you though, sister.

Ming said...

Well, I know you think so. =P

But thanks for being my brother inspite of it. =P