Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I can talk the talk.


I can talk the talk rather well.

Christianese is something that you become very good at growing up your whole life in the church.

Pffffft, I try not to use it alot though--unless I really really mean it.

But I would like everyone to know I owned Justin last night, that's right owned. =P

And Sterling is hilarious. lol

I seriously seriously love God guys. Seriously. =)

"Pretty amazing, isn't it?" Daniel said.
"What's that?"
"All these rooms, all this art, all this opulence...and for what?"
There was no missing the sadness in his voice. "I mean, honestly, did any of this stuff draw people one inch closer to God?"
Tyler turned the camera on his father. "What do you mean?"
"I mean all of this...these statues and alters and gold and paintings. This isn't what God is about."
"Go on," Tyler encouraged. He watched his father rub his forehead, struggling to find the words.
"Think of it, Ty. You got this Giovanetti fellow creating all these gorgeous paintings, make everything nice and pretty for the religious aristocracy, while about the same time, just a few hundred yards from here, out in the streets, people are dropping like flies from the black plague."

-The Face of God


Tyler said...

What's this? You are reading books about me? Or is it that you love my name so much that you read anything that has to do with it?

Ming said...

that's it Tyler...that's it. =P